The Working Together Initiative (WTI) is an initiative committed to innovation in public sector governance and collective action. It is a group of individuals, NGOs, and government departments (federal and provincial) that have pooled their resources to explore how sports and physical activity can achieve and leverage multiple policy objectives as well as learning how to work more effectively across boundaries.

Two key principles have guided the work since it began in the Fall of 2007:

  1. Contributions Approach – time, money and expertise of platform members are all valued;
  2. Shared Leadership – reflects the belief that to effectively innovate we need many leaders working together across sectors, governments and departments; everyone at the table is encouraged to identify areas of work that they can lead; over-all direction for the initiative is provided by stewardship groups.

Join our Table!

Who should join? We welcome interested participants, especially those from organizations in the following areas:

  • Federal, provincial and government organizations
  • Sport and Physical Activity groups and organizations
  • Not for Profit groups and organizations
  • Foundations
  • University and Innovation / Research Professionals

For more information about the WTI, contact us.