Sport Matters Group Update - December 2018

Budget 2019 – SMG recommends a 25% increase to core funding

SMG submitted a Brief to the Standing Committee on Finance as part of their consultations with Canadians on Budget 2019. SMG recommended a 25% increase to the Sport Support Program, which would equal an additional $18 million annually. SMG has been meeting with Members of Parliament, Senators and key officials promoting our Budget 2019 recommendation.

Meetings have been hosted with:

Meetings are scheduled with:

We have asked for meetings with:

Standing Committee on Finance

Honourable Catherine McKenna

MP, Cheryl Hardcastle

Prime Minister’s office

MP, Anthony Housefather

MP, Elizabeth May

Minister of Science & Sport’s office

MP, Robert Kitchen

MP, Peter Fonseca

Sport Canada senior officials

MP, Wayne Stetski

MP, Mona Fortier

Senator Marty Deacon

MP, Karen McCrimmon

MP, Peter Fragiskatos

MP, Francesco Sorbara

MP, Kyle Peterson

MP, Blake Richards

MP, Kellie Leitch

MP, Alex Nuttall

MP, Deb Schulte

MP, Jennifer O’Connell

MP, Pierre Poilievre

MP, Gordie Hogg

MP, Chandra Arya

Honourable Carla Qualtrough

MP, Julie Dabrusin


What can you do?      

  1. Review the Brief and reinforce the recommendation when you are meeting with Sport Canada officials;
  2. Share your ideas for the government’s pre-budget consultations. Take the surveyat Your Budget website and check out the SMG responses - feel free to cut & paste!
  3. Encourage your Board members to set up meetings with their local MPs and use the following speaking notes. And, be sure to let us know the results of those discussions.

Keeping an Eye On

SMG is monitoring the following legislative developments:

Bill S-228: The Child Health Protection Act – is currently awaiting approval by the Senate. Potential impact on our sector?Once in force, this legislation will impact how food and beverage companies activate their marketing and sponsorship efforts with sport organizations and at events. Health Canada is proposing to exempt children's sport sponsorship to address concerns that there could be a negative impact on access to community sports if sponsorship was prohibited. Only specific techniques designed to appeal to children under 13 (e.g., mascots, product giveaways, etc.) are proposed to be prohibited, as in Quebec.

Bill C-81: Accessible Canada Act – is currently awaiting second reading in the Senate. This legislation aims to enhance the full and equal participation of all persons, especially persons with disabilities, in society. Potential impact on our sector?Organizations may be required to update their policies and programs to, “take into account the disabilities of persons and the different ways that persons interact with their environments, and persons with disabilities must be involved in their development or design.”

MP Kyle Peterson tabled Motion No. 206: That the Standing Committee on Health be instructed to undertake a study on the level of fitness and physical activity of youth in Canada and provide recommendations and report on: (a) strategies to increase the level of fitness and physical activity for youth; (b) the economic, social, cultural, and physical and mental health benefits associated with increased fitness and physical activity among youth; (c) the impact of increased fitness and physical activity in relation to anti-bullying; and (d) that the Committee report its findings and recommendations to the House no later than June 2019. 

MP, Kellie Leitch’s proposed Private Member’s Bill on a new Children’s Fitness Tax Credit: several organizations have been contacted by Ms. Leitch who is asking for support for a private members bill on a new Children’s Fitness Tax Credit. Read the Sport Matters Group position on this proposal. 

Board/Staff Development Opportunity

Do you know the difference between Advocacy and Lobbying? Looking for an interesting development opportunity for your Board, senior staff or ideas for supporting your provincial/territorial affiliates? Check out the SMG Advocacy workshop deck. We’d be happy to further refine and deliver this presentation to your team. Contact Lindsay for more information.

Preparing for Election 2019

SMG has started to plan for Election 2019. As in previous years, SMG will work with the sector to draft position papers to be shared with political parties and try to influence political platforms. SMG will also draft materials for organizations and individuals to use such as template letters that can be sent to local candidates, how-to lists for hosting all-candidate debates on sport, physical activity and recreation, and, a social media campaign.

The following topics have been proposed for position papers:

  • Implementation of Let’s Get Moving: A Common Vision for increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary living in Canada: 
  • Increased investment in sport infrastructure
  • Access to sport programming and infrastructure for persons with a disability
  • Putting Values First in Canadian Sport

Interested in contributing to the position papers or suggesting other topics? Contact Lindsay to get involved.

SMG Contributions

If you have not already, please consider processing your annual SMG contribution. SMG operates 100% off contributions from the sport, physical activity and recreation sector. Our work is possible as a result of your ongoing support. Please do not hesitate to contact Lindsay if you have any questions.