Sample Letters/ E-mails / Tweets

Want to contact your local candidates about sport/physical activity but don't know what to say? We've got you covered!

The documents below are sample communications that you can personalize to contact the candidates in your riding, province or region.

If you need to find your candidates contact information, click here.

Sample Letters/ E-mails

Sample E-mail Letter Template and Guide (Word)

Sample Tweets

Thinking about tweeting about the election?  Below are some sample tweets that might be of assistance to getting the message to candidates and Canadians who care about sport.


  1. Include @sportmatters613 and the common election 2015 hashtags (see note below)
  2. Include national sport organizations and group that help lead our sector on a particular subject
  3. Feel free to include your riding candidate's twitter handle on your tweets to ensure they get the message
  4. Get your local leaders involved!

Note: Two very common hashtags used for all Election 2015 tweets is and   Consider adding them to your sport, physical activity and recreation tweet!

  • Canadians need to get more active for their health and the health of our country. Tell the parties it needs to be a priority.
  • Sport Tourism is big business. This election let’s make sure Canada stays a top choice destination. #CDNSportHosting
  • The future is bright for a lot of Canadian athletes/national teams and we want to see that the federal government gives them every opportunity to succeed.
  • Repaired, maintained, and new sport infrastructure means more active Canadians and more sport hosting opportunities.
  • Staying active in the great Canadian outdoors is impacted by government support and initiatives. Learn which party has the vision with our federal election sport resources.
  • The easier it is for kids to participate in sport and physical activity… the more they will participate in sport and physical activity!
  • Sport really does matter!!
  • Sport really can be the difference!