What is the Sport Matters Group?

Originally started in 2000, Sport Matters Group (SMG) began as an informal opportunity for sport leaders to discuss issues that affected the sector.

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Your Sport Matters Group (SMG) is a voluntary group of leaders who have come together to talk about the important contribution that good sport makes to society and to collaborate in advancing sport, physical activity, recreation and public policy. The SMG family includes over 80 organizations, consisting of national, provincial & multisport Organizations, sport tourism groups, professional sport foundations and various cross sector stakeholders.

SMG is a place where leaders connect with one another, where we address cross-cutting issues together, and where we innovate in finding solutions to complex issues involving sport systems, governments and citizens. Sport Matters is about more than what we do together – it is also about how we work with one another. SMG operates through an open platform that invites voluntary contributions of time, expertise, resources, and ideas – all to be applied collectively to achieve common goals. Some might describe SMG as an open-source sport policy community. Sport Matters Group is also a proud member of True Sport and operates from the belief that good sport, sport that is values-based and principle-driven, can make a great difference in the lives of Canadians.

Your SMG is really about what contribution you think you can make to make sport, physical acitivty and recreation better. It’s a place where committed sport people come together – and a public place where participants share their interest in and commitment to sport. 

As a result of its voluntary participation and broad perspective, the SMG has developed a definite culture, which respects and encourages: 

  • peer-level relationships 
  • contributions 
  • openness 
  • meritocracy (the merit of an idea, not where it came from) 
  • the messenger
  • active engagement 
  • regular attention to its norms and values of operation 

If you would like to learn more or find out ways you can contribute, contact us.