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  • A story about how sport has made a difference in the life of a community and its people – for a day, for a month, or forever.
  • A story that has impact beyond scores, records and trophies.
  • A story that’s equal parts sweat...and soul.
  • A story about a group or a neighbourhood with a problem where sport provided the solution.

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Storytelling 101

Never told a story before and would like some help?  Click here for tips.

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Tell us how sport has made change in someone's life or the life of your community. 
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About length – Great stories don’t have to be long stories.  And in the web world, it’s difficult to ask people to read more than a page (about one computer screen).  As a guideline, aim for a maximum of 750 words.

Video upload

Once registered, you'll be able to upload a video file (.mov, .mp4, .avi files -- no larger than 25Mb, please).

Is your video already on the Web?

If your video is already posted on a file sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo, submit your video’s URL. All submissions are reviewed before being posted on the site.   

Video quality

Of course, quality matters - but what’s just as important is authenticity. The power of your story comes from the people telling it, so make sure we can hear and see them and that what they’re telling us is from the heart. recognizes that not everyone has access to state-of-the-art audio and video equipment.  Because it’s the story that matters, we’ll welcome everything from studio quality to homemade. Use what you have to the best of your abilities.  Maybe the simplest guide is to look at what’s already on the site and ask yourself whether your story would fit.  If you think so, please submit it.  We can certainly offer some professional feedback as well.

Video style

That’s your call. The testimonial (just talking right to the camera or your laptop) is probably the easiest for most contributors, but be as ambitious as you want. What matters is that the content is authentic and the change is real.  If you’re looking for other ways to dress up your ideas or re-imagine your story, check out online resources, such as A straightforward PowerPoint presentation with your voice narration, or a slide show complete with special effects can deliver real impact.  

About length – Think about the average video you watch on YouTube.  It’s rare to spend more than two or three minutes.  If they keep your attention, longer videos tend also to have high production value which is probably beyond the expertise that most of us can deliver.  Unless your name is Spielberg, we suggest you use a maximum of three minutes as a guideline.

Storytelling Tips

Stories need a shape – Things to think about when telling your story in any medium (text, image slideshow, or video).

The shape of a story refers to its structure.  You might think of your story as a short three-act play.  Each act answers simple but important questions.

Act One

(in which we meet your characters and setting)

Who is this story about?  What is their problem or challenge?  Was there something broken that needed fixing, or something missing that people needed? 

Act Two

(in which we find out what happened to change things)

Who came up with the solution?  What was it? Why was sport or recreation chosen to make the positive change?  Is this a one-time thing or the beginning of something new and exciting?

Act Three

(in which we hear the moral of the story)

Who are the big winners? What’s going to happen next? Or, if we don’t know, what do we hope will happen next? Why do you think it’s important for other people to know about this story? What’s changed? What’s better? What have we learned?

Remember, there are all kinds of ways to tell a story, but this is a good place to start.  Above all, Sport4Change stories are three things: real-life, authentically told, and all about change.