Archived SMG Federal Election Advocacy

2011 Federal Election Campaign

During the 2011 federal election campaign, SMG urged all federal parties to speak more about how they planned to support and develop sport and physical activity in Canada. 

Four key messages were communicated by SMG:

  1. Invest in sport and physical activity;
  2. Strengthen communities;
  3. Support and celebrate Canada’s champions; and
  4. Build sport, physical activity and recreation into every community.

We’d like to thank all those who made a real impact by getting the word out to their sport and physical activity networks and their local candidates. We must continue to mobilize our sector and to advocate for a greater focus by public policy decision makers on sport and physical activity files.

2008 Federal Election Campaign

Through the “I believe in the power of sport” campaign, which saw over 8000 Canadians active on sport issues during the election, the Sport Matters Group advised all parties to adopt a Comprehensive Approach to Sport and Physical Activity, including the following core strategies:

1. Investment Targets: Increased federal investment in sport and physical activity to a minimum of $500 million/year, so that Canada meets its target of investing the equivalent of 1% of the health care spending on sport and physical activity;

2. Infrastructure Funds: Substantial long-term investments to erase the infrastructure deficit (estimated by Canadian Parks and Recreation Association at $15billion) in sport and recreation and address new demands in growing communities (projected at $18billion by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities), through partnerships with the provinces, territories, municipalities, community organizations, and the private sector;

3. Tax Measures: Innovative tax measures to encourage greater participation in sport and new sources of funding from the private sector and the public;

4. Leadership Changes: New federal leadership strategies including a Cabinet Minister responsible for Sport, Physical Activity and Vancouver 2010 and an integrated departmental corporation or separate agency responsible for sport and physical activity policy implementation.