Highlighting Campaign Success Stories

 Sport enthusiasts made a real impact through The Power of Sport campaign. Have a look at these GREAT stories below:

  •  Each of the national political parties outlined their sport and physical activity platforms at the All Party Sport Forum this past Saturday - it was great working with AthletesCAN on this. Check out a few pictures from the forum posted here.
  • No doubt the blog of the campaign so far belongs to Scott Russell. Boy does he believe in the power of sport.
  • Waterpolo athlete Thomas Marks told us about his experience at Forum: "I was at the forum last weekend as the athlete rep for Men's Waterpolo. The All Parties Sport Forum was one of the highlights of my weekend and for the first time I can say that I'm inspired to get involved much more in the world of politics and to use my voice as an Olympian to try and get some results. Thanks again and keep up the good work.”
  • CBC ran a spot on the national news over the weekend and you'll see a number of features this week in your newspapers penned by the likes of Randy Starkman (The Star), Alison Korn (Sun chain), and Canadian Press here.

Campaigners take action in over 150 local ridings:

  • From Conservative candidate John Carmichael who spoke with sport enthusiast Linda Cuthbert in Don Valley West about his commitment to sport: "He was the only candidate to mention sport as a part of Cdn culture and I was definitely the only one clapping in response! I had had a conversation with John when he came to my door and did my sport messaging then. As you know, he was President of Rowing Canada so he understands the role HP sport plays in inspiring pride in Cdn’s and felt the Pan Am bid could help get some facilities in Ont. ”
  • From Liberal candidate John Loewen in Winnipeg South wrote back to campaigner Fred Schneider saying “Sport is very important to the quality of life we lead and to the community as a whole. I agree with your letter and will carry your message to Ottawa if elected. I have participated in sports for most of my life as an athlete coach and a supporter of athletes”.
  • From the New Democrats candidate in Trinity Spadina, Olivia Chow who spent time with campaigner Matthew Kwan. Here are his thoughts from the meeting: I asked her what her and her NDP party are going to benefit sport and physical activity. She was unable to give me a specific dollar amount, she did point out that infrastructure was important to her, particularly being in a dense and older neighbourhood such as Trinity Spadina.”
  • From Trey Capnerhurst, the Green party candidate for Edmonton East, who responded to a letter from campaigner Shannon Butters: “Prevention of health issues and social problems are indeed alleviated by the use of amateur and professional sport.”
  •  Fred from Winnipeg wrote a letter to his candidates and got a response from each party.
  • Letters were sent to candidates from Shannon in Edmonton.
  • Matthew in the Trinity-Spidina riding of Toronto met with his NDP candidate.
  •  Pacific Sport created a very powerful graphic (left).Cpendrel
  • Lynn from Alberta wrote to the CBC: What issues would you like to hear more about? SPORT FUNDING - we all love to see our athletes on the podium internationally. It's time that Canadians told their politicians that sports are valued in our nation.
  • The Canadian Snowboarding Federation put out their press release: Election Campaign Asked to Address Sport and Recreation Funding. 
  • Soccer Ontario has the campaign front and centre. 
  • Linda from the Don Valley West riding tells of her experience at an all candidates meeting: I attended an interesting all candidate meeting last night. I’m in Don Valley West which was scheduled for a by-election with the departure of John Godfrey. It was a capacity crowd... Questions centered on health care, gun ban, Afghanistan, affordable housing, and CBC / Cdn culture. John Carmichael was the only candidate to mention sport as a part of Cdn culture.